Merchant Property Company

Multifamily Group


Merchant Property Company is continuously seeking to expand its portfolio through the acquisition of quality multifamily assets. With in-house property, construction and asset management teams we are uniquely equipped to evaluate a wide range of properties for acquisition.   Our team’s expertises allow us to quickly assess assets and indentify potential value added opportunities.  These opportunities may include; management turnaround, rebranding and repositioning of the asset in the sub-market through minor physical improvements or complete remodeling.

In an effort to achieve maximum returns, Merchant Property Company acquires only the properties with the highest potential to appreciate in value through increased revenue.    Although each property is unique, typical investments fall within the following criteria:

  • 200-600 Units
  • 1980 Vintage or Newer
  • Individually Metered
  • Located in Sub-Markets with Strong Fundamentals