Merchant Property Company

Multifamily Group

Property Management

Merchant Property Company utilizes the services of its sister entity Trillium Residential Communities to manage the day-to-day operations of its assets.  Trillium Residential Communities’ executive team has a wealth of management experience throughout the Southwest, with a primary focus in Phoenix.   We believe that the fundamentals of property management; marketing, leasing, resident service, maintenance and close analysis of renewal activity must be the focus of a shrewd operating strategy.  When executed well, these fundamentals can then facilitate effective positioning of the real estate asset to achieve revenue growth, expense control and ultimately the enhancement of the asset’s value.

Our operating strategy is designed to facilitate efficient and effective decision making by those responsible for the operations of an asset, by encouraging hands on management and empowering the on-site management staff to solve problems by utilizing their critical thinking skills.  This process is monitored and further enhanced with excellent communication between the President, Regional Manager and on-site management teams. The Regional Manager is directly responsible for supervising the on-site staff and ensuring that the operations of the asset are in line with goals and projections.  When combined with executive level over-sight, this strategy serves well to accomplish our goals by providing an entrepreneurial environment, utilizing the skills possessed by our staff, all within the framework of sound business practices.